“Creating a masterpiece takes more than two hands. It takes endless vision, passion and depth within the soul to master the evolution of a masterpiece.” -Aleja Avila

I started my journey at an early age. As a child, I would observe my parent’s craftsmanship with jewelry; their incorporation of color, design and textures inspired me. My brother’s knowledge with his own craft of high-end jewelry has also been a great influence in the creation of my pieces. We are all unique artists with experience in different materials, but with the same passion for distinctive designs. Being a Colombian born artist, it was important to use vibrant colors that drew from my Latin heritage, which brings out our rich culture and natural beauty. My work embodies my own character, and my designs express my personality, creativity and purpose.

A major component in expanding my craft was my architectural studies in Colombia, it taught me how to find my niche as a designer and brought my vision to life. My geometrical raw-cut pieces of leather are distressed, hand painted, shaded, and toned to bring out vibrant colors to life. The use of various paletes connect and reflect my positive and optimistic views of life. My materials are personally hand-selected to the highest quality and originality.

As an exhibitor of art festivals, pop-up shops and galleries, I’ve continued to expand the platform on which I can showcase my art. Reaching new audiences and building relationships with customers that want to wear my creations, as a form of expression, is my ultimate purpose in life.  

My Letter